Only the Mint can make money without ads




One of Murphy's laws, namely the advertising law, states: "Insufficient advertising costs lead to a waste of money."


This means that saving on advertising is not rational and unprofitable. On the contrary, the more money you invest in advertising, the more likely you are to find buyers and employees, customers and partners, suppliers and dealers.


Advertising is always expensive. Therefore, in order for advertising costs to gradually turn into profit, a new type of promotion is proposed, namely, self-supporting advertising. Registration button at the bottom of the page.


Self-supporting advertising is a special organization of the advertising business in which the partner advertiser, who constantly buys advertising, after some time begins to receive compensation for his advertising costs, and then profit.


Where does the money come from?


The customer always pays money for the performance of some work. In our case, the advertiser pays money to make many people know about his products and services. The task of the club advertising service is to organize prompt notification of the target audience about advertisers' offers. And, if the value of the advertised product is high, the viewer buys it and may even become a regular customer of a bona fide advertiser.


There is no business without advertising. Only advertising finds buyers with money. By the way, intelligently organized word of mouth is the best option of all types of advertising. On the benefits of video ads


On the Internet, you will find many suggestions for increasing the number of video views on Youtube. It is not difficult to organize such views for money. A question of price and efficiency. And only our regular advertiser over time receives compensation for their advertising costs and even profit.


Who is always looking to increase their Youtube video impressions?

* Bloggers with 100,000 subscribers and the same number of views of each video can earn up to 250,000 rubles a month.

* Artists. In addition to growing popularity and recognition, good profit is provided by advertising in their video blogs.

* Tour guides. Where will you advertise more effectively? Do you need interested people to know about your services?

* Any specialist who works with people. Videos are one of the best types of advertising. And we solve the problem of delivering them to the public.


Get involved in the advertising business and you. It is not difficult or expensive at all, because the whole process is well organized. You can become a member of our club advertising service without investing a single penny. Free registration gives the member many advantages ..


Support advertising, and then advertising will support you.

Thomas Dewar, creator of the Dewar's whiskey brand


The club advertising service pays most of the revenue to the members of the ad network for finding regular advertisers. And so that all people find it interesting and profitable, so that the number of viewers increases rapidly, they are paid a reward for watching ads. See how it goes. How far-sighted and enterprising people are already creating a NEW FINANCIAL FLOW for themselves!


It is the encouragement of the audience that allows you to attract a huge number of people to this club service. After all, it is more profitable to watch ads for money than just like that. Out of every hundred spectators, one or two become partners. You will learn all the details about the privileges of partners at a personal consultation after free registration as a viewer. This is a prerequisite.


In total, there are two categories of members of the club advertising network: viewers and advertisers. We remind you that advertisers pay for everything.




1. Watches ads and gets paid for it. The more often he looks, the more money. Puzzle for schoolchildren.

2. Connects other viewers. The more people and the sooner you connect, the sooner you will become richer.

3. The service pays a grouporg for organizing a group of viewers 20% of the earnings of each viewer of the entire group.

4. Don't know how to get a lot of people together? Contact us, we will teach.

5. How much money can a viewer make? Watch the video on the right.

6. How the world will change after the coronavirus pandemic. Take a look.



How does an advertiser benefit from using our club advertising service?

1. The main thing is the audience. The advertising network brings together entrepreneurs, businessmen, self-employed and enterprising people.

2. An advertiser can find clients and partners in 88 countries of the world, where today there are members of our system.

3. The number of live people views of your advertising videos on the youtube channel increases quickly and without blocking.

4. Any business requires advertising costs. Our advertiser not only compensates for advertising costs, but can also make a profit.

5. Many entrepreneurial people use our advertising service as an additional direction in their business, giving a good profit.

6. And someone, due to well-known global circumstances, completely switched to this advertising business.


Check out an example of a promotional video giving us new partners: Youtube





1. For viewers, freebies.

The viewer does not risk anything, does not invest a penny and does not buy anything. Each viewer can, if he wants, make money. The viewer has two types of earnings: for personal views and for organizing a spectator group. The group of spectators is multi-level, only 10 levels. The organizer of the spectator group receives a reward in the amount of 20% of the earnings of each member of his group from each of the 10 levels. Calculate how much a viewer can earn. Remember, the organizer of any business always earns more than the performers.


2. For partners, advertisers.

It is clear that viewers make money from advertisers' money. Therefore, advertisers have special privileges and are business partners that receive more revenue. Partners participate in a forced affiliate program, where the profit is many times greater than the earnings of a free viewer.


* Can the viewer become a partner?


The viewer can become a partner .. To do this, you must once pay for any type of advertising in the amount of 500 rubles. After paying for the first advertisement, the viewer automatically and permanently connects to the forced affiliate program. Under the terms of the transition to the forced affiliate program, the viewer goes to his mentor, if he is already in this program. If the mentor does not timely switch to the forced affiliate program, he loses his people. Remember this, do not lose your clients and partners.


How much can an advertiser partner earn?

A forced marketing system can potentially generate income up to one hundred thousand rubles a day. Not immediately, but in a year or two, an enterprising and energetic person can do it quite well. And for the company to do it even easier and faster. As soon as you become a partner, we will discuss a plan for your actions so that you will soon come out with decent income.


* If your client is in trouble with money, but this happens ..., just let him "call" these 500 rubles as a "free" viewer. Invite all your acquaintances to become spectators, some of them will see this as a good prospect for themselves and their friends.


* For the fact that you inform a friend about the possibility of earning without investment, send him your referral link to register in your group, the company will always pay you 20% of the earnings of all your wards. Really! Don't have 100 rubles, but have 100 friends in the first level of advertising marketing! Every day, connecting one partner at a time, and this is easily done because for free, in a year you will collect 300 partners in 1 level. And your business has taken place. Show it easier!


* Under the terms of viewer marketing, the viewer receives 20% of the earnings of all viewers in their group from 10 levels. Therefore, in a few days it is quite possible to earn these 500 rubles and even more.


* By paying and placing ads, a partner can attract advertisers and receive 20% of all their ad payments.


How much money advertisers pay, look. Of this money, 20% is yours, plus money from the forced marketing system from 12 levels.

Here's 100,000 rubles for breakfast, every day. Few? Connect family members and work for them.


* Imagine your client, an advertiser, paid a million rubles for advertising. Your commission in this case will be 20%, that is, 200,000 rubles. Fine? If partners of your group find the same advertisers, the company will pay you 25,000 rubles for each. This is a fair price to pay for organizing and managing a partner group. Interesting?


* All instructions and advice you will receive after free registration as a viewer.

Get connected sooner, you don't lose anything. And, if for a year you will not be able to create for yourself a passive income of 100,000 rubles a day, even 10,000 rubles or 1,000 rubles a day for someone can solve many problems. "About advertising"


Help yourself and people! Take action now!

Watch a useful video about the result of our club advertising



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